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Work and Family
Volume 21 Number 2 Fall 2011


Work and Family: Introducing the Issue

Jane Waldfogel and Sara McLanahan

Changing Families, Changing Workplaces

Suzanne M. Bianchi

Policies to Assist Parents with Young Children

Christopher J. Ruhm

Families with School-Age Children

Kathleen Christensen, Barbara Schneider and Donnell Butler

Children with Health Issues

Mark A. Schuster, Paul J. Chung and Katherine D. Vestal

Families and Elder Care in the Twenty-First Century

Ann Bookman and Delia Kimbrel

Workplace Flexibility: From Research to Action

Ellen Galinsky, Kelly Sakai and Tyler Wigton

The Role of the Government in Work-Family Conflict

Heather Boushey

International Perspectives on Work-Family Policies: Lessons from the World's Most Competitive Economies

Alison Earle, Zitha Mokomane and Jody Heymann