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The Next Generation of Antipoverty Policies
Volume 17 Number 2 Fall 2007


Introducing the Issue

Ron Haskins and Isabel Sawhill

Rewarding the Work of Individuals: A Counterintuitive Approach to Reducing Poverty and Strengthening Families

Gordon L. Berlin

Toward a Mandatory Work Policy for Men

Lawrence Mead

Next Steps for Federal Child Care Policy

Mark H. Greenberg

A Health Plan to Reduce Poverty

Alan Weil

Decreasing Nonmarital Births and Strengthening Marriage to Reduce Poverty

Paul R. Amato and Rebecca A. Maynard

Reducing Poverty through Preschool Interventions

Greg J. Duncan, Jens Ludwig and Katherine A. Magnuson

Improving the Education of Children Living in Poverty

Richard J. Murnane

Improving the Safety Net for Single Mothers Who Face Serious Barriers to Work

Rebecca M. Blank